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thozha. Thozha is a beautiful comedy drama film directed by Vinoth Pappanna. The film features Sathyaraj and Soundarya in lead roles. It is the 3rd highest-grossing Tamil film of 2016, making more than 150 crore on box office. Sathyaraj plays the role of a one-time happily married man and Soundarya portrays his wife. The film begins with Sathyaraj missing his beloved wife and returning home where he finds his wife in bed with another man, things take a turn for the worst. The story begins with a young man meeting a high school teacher. After a brief introduction to the teacher and his teaching style, the student runs off, while we are introduced to the student's family. We find out that the young man is a very nervous individual, and he also has a habit of getting his feet to jump for no apparent reason. But why is this young man so nervous? We find out the reason and the solution to this young man's problem when the teacher comes to know about his son's problem. Coming back to the young man, his father is a boring individual, so much so that he has only one vice, and that is watching Tamil movies. The father loves him more than his wife, a sad and lonely woman, a very shy and sensitive woman. After the father has a heart attack and is unable to leave his bed, the mother takes on the responsibility and begins to take care of him. The father, in his state of unconsciousness, cannot realize the state of his wife. So he loses his sense of judgement and becomes a twerp. But he is not spared. The teacher himself, being an old man, loves his son and has been supporting him even after his son has become an irresponsible individual. But the father takes advantage of this by making a very risky bet to bet all of the money in the family bank on a horse and wins. So the father feels very happy and takes his wife and son to a wedding. Meanwhile, we find that the teacher's son, the one who was born with a different identity, has grown up to be a very caring, sweet, gentle, and intelligent person. He lives in a city where he knows nothing about his past and does not know that he has a brother, who he is named after, and his father is a horseman. He goes to a school in a nearby village for his schooling. He falls in love with a girl and she



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HD Online Player (Thozha Tamil Movie Free Download)

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